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A Kenyan Dancer Overcomes Polio

series: Global 3000

air date: 3/15/13 7:30 AM

New Zealand - Controversial cow - It's a huge success for genetic engineering: cow's milk without beta-lactoglobulin (BLG), a whey protein that triggers allergies in many small children. The milk comes from Daisy, a black and white cow with a completely new genetic makeup. A German, Dr. Gotz Laible, played a significant role in her creation. Unlike many other countries, New Zealand gives massive state support to genetic research on large animals. The project has come in for strong criticism from the country's dairy farmers. The Daisy research project has so far cost the government the equivalent of 30 million euros in funding. Biomass instead of Coal - The Thai cement industry cuts CO2 emissions - Cement production is especially energy intensive and emits enormous amounts of CO2. That's why the Siam Cement Group, one of Thailand's largest producers, is no longer using only coal. It's now co-firing biomass - organic agricultural waste, for instance - in the manufacturing process. Trade in carbon certificates provides an additional financial incentive. Global Living Rooms: Lincoln, USA - This week we visit Laurie in her house in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's in the old town center, and its owner is very proud of that fact. Laurie enjoys playing the guitar to her soulmate, Jeff the cat. She says she's not very good, but she enjoys it anyway. Overcoming Gravity - Kenyan dancer Stephen Odongo - When Stephen Odongo was four years old, he contracted poliomyelitis. His mother believed it was caused by black magic and rejected him. His childhood was marked by humiliation and pain. As an adult, Stephen was discovered by a German choreographer who suffered from a form of muscular dystrophy herself and was looking for performers for an international arts project. Since then the troupe she formed has been performing all over Kenya .Their pieces are a plea for more humanity and tolerance.

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