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Vegetables From The Slums

series: Global 3000

air date: 3/01/13 7:30 AM

Curse or Blessing - Vanuatu's Volcanoes are a Tourist Attractio: Much of the archipelago of Vanuatu is without electricity and running water. People here live from what their own gardens produce. But tourism is becoming an economic factor in the island republic. The main attraction is the boiling lava of the Yasur volcano. Vegetables from the Slums - the Sack Gardens of Nairobi Vegetables are sold in the slums, but not many people living there can't afford them. So now they grow their own. The climate is favorable in Kenya, so plants grow fast if they are sufficiently watered and cared for. But there's not enough space to plant fields. The solution is sack gardens. Young Global Leaders - Gina Badenoch: Gina Badenoch comes from Mexico. The child of a Mexican mother and British father, she's a professional photographer. As a social entrepreneur, she has launched a foundation called "Ojos que Sienten", or "Sight of Emotions". Gina Badenoch works with blind people. Her goal is to strengthen their self-confidence and give them the tools to get a job and be self-supporting. India's Endangered Paradise - Climate Protection through Environmental Teaching: The Indian state of Goa's economy depends on its beaches, which attract millions of tourists every year. Vacationers want clean beaches and cities, but Goa is burdened with mountains of garbage. If the garbage is allowed to simply rot, climate-damaging gases like methane develop. The biggest problem is that the people here have little environmental consciousness. So the state is now targeting young people. At more than 1,000 schools, they are learning about climate change and how to protect their environment.

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