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Attacks On British Muslims Grow

series: European Journal

air date: 6/25/13 5:00 AM

Great Britain: Social Unease in London - The number of violent attacks on Muslims has risen sharply in Great Britain. Police are currently investigating two fires that broke out at separate Islamic sites in London. Fear of revenge attacks has been growing since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby last month. Many mosques have been vandalized and Muslim families are feeling uneasy after fires broke out at an Islamic community center and boarding school. People from around 200 countries live in London - and things there are tense. The Netherlands: Shaken Up - No other land in Europe produces as much natural gas as the Netherlands. But this has come at a price for the people who live there. Drilling is causing more and more earthquakes - and stronger ones too. People in Groningen - a densely populated area in the northern Netherlands - live directly above Europe's biggest natural gas field. They've got used to the odd rumble or two, but this year alone 20 earthquakes have shaken the region. Now The Dutch Oil Company (NAM) has announced it wants to increase its rate of gas extraction. Thus far, the quakes have been relatively low in magnitude, but scientists warn this is likely to change. Angry homeowners, complaining of cracked walls and roofs, are demanding the plans be reconsidered. Germany/Poland: Dirty Laundry into Clean Cash - Berlin's top hotels are whirling their washing off to Poland. Gryfino - a small polish town just across the border - is turning Berlin's dirty laundry into cash. In our globalized world there are many examples of services being carried out in towns in countries next door. Gryfino is just one of these. 500 employees - most of whom are women - work here almost round the clock. Next year the size of the workforce is expected to increase by about 100 jobs. In a region where unemployment rates are high the cross-border laundry business seems like a blessing. Russia: Cossacks Comeback - Back in tsarist Russia Cossacks helped the rulers to protect their borders and conquer new territories. Today it seems they're stepping back into their old boots. Cossacks are best-known for their folk dancing and music. They sing in choirs and wear furry hats. President Vladimir Putin has made statements saying he values their loyalty and discipline highly. In October, he signed a strategy paper for the development of the Cossack life and culture in Russia. Cossack patrols could return on an official basis as early as next year.

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