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Putting A Military Tank In Your Garage - A Ukraini

series: European Journal

air date: 4/22/13 4:00 PM

Hungary: The problem of water - Nearly two million people in Hungary - particularly in the southeast - lack access to clean drinking water. In a number of European countries, the groundwater is contaminated with heavy metals. Hungary, Serbia and Croatia are especially affected, but the problem is particularly acute in Hungary, where many municipalities cannot afford to drill down to deeper and cleaner groundwater. At the same time, the European Union says clean water is a human right, and member states must take action to ensure it. But both local governments and national leaders in Hungary are ignoring the problem. Turkey: When women earn money - Equality for women remains a controversial issue in Turkish society, even though legally their status is clear. The Turkish constitution says that men and women are completely equal. As part of the country's bid for EU membership in recent years, Turkey has instituted a number of legal reforms. That's improved the situation of women. For instance, women no longer need their husbands' permission to work. One example of the change can be found in the small, traditional town of Ayvalik on the Aegean Sea. Here women earn money of their own producing handbags from recycled materials. Italy: A wave of bankruptcies - Despite the ongoing euro crisis, the three major players in Italy's parliament are still mired in gridlock. The stalemate is affecting the economy, and every day hundreds of small businesses are shutting their doors permanently. Private consumption is down, and businesses can no longer afford to pay their workers. Much of the blame also lies with the government, which owes private businesses about 100 billion euros for goods and services. The sole beneficiaries of the recession are auction houses, which are doing booming business. Ukraine: Privately owned tanks - In Ukraine, some private citizens have taken to owning armored vehicles. Though they consume 160 liters of fuel an hour, their owners think tanks are a demonstration of power and masculinity. Now that the Ukrainian military has radically downsized, many military vehicles have been taken out of service and sold. For wealthy military buffs, a private tank has become the coveted new plaything. Some have invested in entire fleets of them and strut their stuff on local fields and roadways.

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