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Old Spy Habits Die Hard In Romania

series: European Journal

air date: 3/18/13 4:00 PM

Romania: Spy Habits Die Hard - A former Romanian spy has won a court case against his own country. But his victims are still waiting for the full story. Romania's communist-era secret police, the Securitate, was one of the world's most feared. But it appears its successor intelligence agency, the SRI, adopted the old surveillance practices for many years after the overthrow of the Ceausescu regime. The evidence comes from protocols drawn up by a former Securitate spy. In 1996 he went public. The Romanian authorities sentenced him to two years in jail - but the former spy has now been vindicated by the European Court of Human Rights. Moscow: Dizzying Heights - The Russian capital is home to half of Europe's tallest sykscrapers. For one particular group of young people, they're the ultimate challenge. Ice and snow are no obstacle to these young Muscovites. They scale the dizzy heights of the city's skyscrapers whatever the weather - and without any harnesses. Until now just a bit of illegal fun, their escapades could now become a professional career. The billionaire owner of Moscow's tallest tower has expressed his support and a personal connection to the youngsters and their adventures. Iceland: Fish Suffocate in Fjord - Iceland is currently seeing an environmental disaster affecting its fish stocks. Around 50,000 tons of herring have died in a fjord there, and are now rotting away after being washed up on its banks. Experts suspect that low levels of oxygen are to blame for the mass of dead fish. What's more, the oil excreted by the herring can in turn become a danger for birds by clogging up their feathers and wings. We take a look at what the local community is doing to get rid of the problem.

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