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The Atmosphere

series: Nature's Power Revealed

air date: 6/26/13 2:00 AM

Weather is the primary focus of this episode, as it looks at the devastating effects of tornados, lightning storms, and the winds. It also reveals the stranger sides of the atmosphere, in particular the moving rocks in Death Valley, and the shower of frogs and fish that happens occasionally. Kick-started by the heat from both the sun and the superheated solid core of the earth, and driven by the cycle of water and ocean currents, the movements of the atmosphere can be as relentless a force as any. In a few hours wind can decimate a city, and over centuries it can shape our landscapes. These movements in our atmosphere are influenced by many factors. Air currents carry entire weather systems with them and, as currents are constantly colliding, it becomes extremely difficult to predict how these systems will react and how their future paths will be resolved.

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