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series: Chesapeake Stories

air date: 11/25/12 5:30 PM

The Sacred Places: Adventurers paddle down the spine of remote islands in Maryland's south-central Bay where much looks just as it centuries ago. Join these explorers as they pitch their tents on windswept beaches, explore the vibrant life of rare salt-marshes, devour fresh-caught rock fish grilled on campfire, seek inspiration in dazzling sunsets and sunrises, and especially, brainstorm with other compatriots in the fight to save - and savor - the Bay. Water's Colors: Like other artists whose work falls into the marine painting genre, Marc Castelli is fascinated by the magic of light as it dances on wind-friven waves or plays on the weathered surfaces of wooden boats. But Castelli has found an unusual niche within that artistic tradition. Many of his paintings focus on the watermen who make their living harvesting the Chesapeake Bay. So while his watercolors are beautiful studies in composition, geometry, light and dark, his works also evoke the gritty struggles, hardships and hopes of the men who still fish the Bay in this time-honored way. Beyond Blue: If you live in Maryland, you've heard about the Blue Crab. But also scuttling along the salty shorelines of Maryland's Ocean Beaches and Coastal Bays are as many as thirty-five other kinds of crabs you won't find in a crabcake!

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