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The "good" Nazi?

series: Nazi Hunters

air date: 11/15/12 10:00 PM

Albert Speer's crimes included using and organizing slave labor in death camps and prolonging the war by his fanatical work to develop the Nazi war machine. The U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey tracked Speer down and spirited him away to a country house after the war, where he was extensively questioned, giving the Americans detailed information about the effectiveness of U.S. bombing. This was critical intelligence and would eventually shape much of U.S. strategy during the Cold War. The Americans eventually handed him over to the U.N. In a move that shocked his codefendants, Speer admitted many of his crimes. This apparent act of contrition led the judges to sentence him only to imprisonment rather than death. After the release from jail, Speer marketed himself as "the good Nazi," the only one who admitted his errors.

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