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Sea Turtles / Mangrove Forests / Wolves Of The Sea

series: Jonathan Bird's Blue World

air date: 6/23/13 8:00 AM

Sea Turtles - In Malaysia there is an island known for more sea turtles than virtually anywhere on Earth. Jonathan visits this amazing ecosystem to learn about the life cycle of sea turtles. He is shocked to discover an amazingly complex and competitive environment. Mangrove Forests - Where the tropical ocean meets the sea, a peculiar kind of plant thrives in shallow, salty water. These mangrove plants are incredibly important for shoreline protection and baby fish habitats. Jonathan investigates life in mangroves by visiting both Caribbean and Pacific mangroves. Wolves of the Sea - They have big, sharp teeth, long eel-like bodies, and they look like they could bite your fingers right off-but Jonathan can pet them. They're Wolffish, and Jonathan visits both Atlantic and Pacific species. You won't believe the amazing encounters he has with these friendly but mean-looking fish.

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