David Bazan + Band taping RSVP now up

Date: Tuesday, July 5
Time: Taping starts at 7:30 pm; doors open at 7
Location: KLRU’s Studio 6A
RSVP here (space is limited)

Recognized for his thought provoking lyrics and soft-spirited demeanor, David Bazan has captivated the hearts of audiences everywhere. With many of his songs containing theological undertones, he connects with his fans through his honest expression of personal struggle with faith and skepticism. “Lyrics have always been the focal point of Bazan’s music, and they carry a vast majority of the weight” (Paste). With his album Strange Negotiations recently out, Bazan continues to prove that, “It’s these quiet moments that demonstrate what the Seattle-based musician does best–paint a specific picture with words that put you inside his memories and minimalist melodies that tie them all together” (Under The Radar).

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  1. Kelly crawford says:

    So excited!

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