Brazo’s Martin Crane talks about taping the show

Martin Crane did an interview for the Austin Girl Music Guide blog and he talked abut taping the band’s performance for Satellite Sets (then called ACL Stage Left).

Crane said: “You can’t see the audience. All you can see is yourself. And you can hear yourself so well that it’s terrifying. In front of you they have these cameras that swing down to get shots of your face. So as a singer you’re standing there looking out and the cameras swing down, and they have this way of moving that’s just organic – like a dinosaur eye peering down, about to eat you or something. … It’s a little unsettling. We eventually got into it. It was really great, though. That place … it’s such an old stage. It’s seen so many of my favorite people play on that stage. It was kind of an honor to be able to do that.”

Read the complete interview at Austin Girl Music Guide

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