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KLRU Endowment Policy

The KLRU endowment was established in 1991 to provide permanent, restricted funds to further the vision and mission of KLRU in Central Texas. Download our Endowment Policy.

KLRU’s vision statement is:
Through the creative use of content, KLRU is making the Greater Austin area the most vibrant, informed, and engaged community in the country.

KLRU’s mission enables us to achieve the vision:
Presenting quality multimedia content that engages people in the thoughtful exchange of ideas, the expression of the arts, and enjoyable lifelong learning opportunities, resulting in a more vibrant community and a higher quality of life.

Contact your financial planner to create a gift to KLRU through your estate plans. For information on the KLRU Legacy Society, contact Lori Bolding, Sr VP of Development, at 512-272-6270.