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Beneficiary Designations

The easiest way to provide a legacy gift is by designating KLRU as a beneficiary. Whether it is a life insurance policy, an IRA or another account, making a change by indicating KLRU as a new beneficiary is simple and easy.



If you would like to include a gift to KLRU in your estate plans without changing your will, consider making KLRU the beneficiary of one of these:

  • A life insurance policy
  • Your IRA or other retirement plan
  • A savings account
  • A stock brokerage account or mutual fund

Easy to Do
Simply contact your insurance agent or IRA administrator and ask for a change of beneficiary form. You might be able to get the form online. Add Capital of Texas Public Telecommunications Council, Inc., P.O. Box 7158, Austin, Texas 78713 federal tax id number 75-7126012 as a new beneficiary to receive a portion of the death benefit/remainder.

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