Friends of ACL FAQ & Policies

Now in its 44th taping season, KLRU’s production of Austin City Limits is the longest running live music performance program on television. Each ACL season features 18-20 live performances before a live audience in its new home downtown in the Moody Theater. As a contributing member of The Friends of Austin City Limits you have the exclusive opportunity to be a part of the television audience and watch music history as it happens. Your membership supports KLRU and public television in Central Texas.

Explanation of Membership & Usage of Passes to Tapings

Friends on the Mezz Levels

The mezzanine-level memberships have assigned seating access and run on a full calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st. You are assigned the same two or four seats on the mezzanine level for every taping in that year. You may have the opportunity to move your seats upon renewal the next year, depending on availability. For each taping, we ask that you RSVP during the reservation period. Because this is a television show, with a live audience, we need to ensure that an audience is present and enthusiastic. In order to ensure a full studio audience, KLRU reserves the right to fill your unclaimed seats after the reservation deadline.

Friends with a View Level

Friends with a View members have assigned seated access on the balcony-level of the venue. Seating is assigned at the time of RSVP, on a first-come-first serve basis. Each membership is effective immediately upon joining and is valid for 12 full months, but is not necessarily on a calendar basis. For example, if you sign up  May 1st, your membership will expire the following year on April 30th.You will have an opportunity to renew your membership each year, or you may also sign up for a lifetime membership. Since each membership term is for a 12 month period, no matter when you join you will have access to approximately 18-20 tapings. You will be invited to attend all ACL tapings in your membership term. If you cannot attend a taping, there is no need to RSVP. Any unused passes cannot be rolled over into a renewed membership.

Friends Up Front and Friends Seated Levels

Friends Up Front and Friends Seated levels have general-admission access for seated or standing room on the stage-level. Each membership is effective immediately upon joining and is valid for 12 full months, but is not necessarily on a calendar basis. For example, if you sign up  May 1st, your membership will expire the following year on April 30th.You will have an opportunity to renew your membership each year upon expiration of your membership term or when you run out of passes and want to renew early for additional access; whichever comes first. Any unused passes remaining after your 12 month membership term expire and cannot be rolled over into a renewed membership. If you use all allotted passes before your 12 month membership ends, you are welcome to renew early. If renewing early, your renewed membership will begin anew on the date of your renewal donation and will be valid for the next 12 months.

Since each membership term is for a 12 month period, no matter when you join you will have access to approximately 18-20 tapings. You have 12 months to take advantage of the 24 passes in your membership. You may choose to RSVP for any taping you would like to attend within your number of allotted passes. You may RSVP for up to four (4) passes for most tapings. Occasionally, we have to restrict access to a taping and limit the number of passes to two (2), in order to accommodate all of KLRU’s donors. Restricted tapings are based on the demand and studio capacity and will be noted in the email invitation.

Taping Schedule & Invitations

Each season, we will invite you to attend approximately 18-20 tapings. The ACL taping schedule is not posted publicly, nor is it set in advance of the season. We work on it year-round to take advantage of and accommodate the artists’ touring schedules. As soon as an ACL taping is confirmed and we have been given the permission to announce it, our donors are the first to receive e-mails to Save-the-Date(s). Formal invitations to RSVP to attend ACL tapings will be emailed approximately two (2) weeks prior to the taping date. Although it varies from year to year, the season generally runs from early March to late October.

All Friends of ACL announcements and invitations will be sent via e-mail. In order to receive all communications for Friends of ACL, please add to your safe-senders contact list so that messages do not go to spam folders. The e-mail invitation will contain all the important information including the performing artist, the date and time of the taping, and the deadline to request, change or cancel your reservation. Please be sure to read the details carefully as they may change from taping to taping.

RSVP-ing & Cancellation

To RSVP for a taping, just click on the RSVP link in the invitation and follow the prompts to claim your passes. If it’s your first time to RSVP and you need your log-in information or you are having trouble, you can find RSVP instructions here or from the link provided in the invitation. You do not need to RSVP if you cannot attend. Unclaimed passes in your account will be removed after the reservation period closes.

Should you need to cancel a reservation please do so by the announced cancellation date. Please email to make changes or cancel your reservation before that deadline. We will do our best, but we may not be able to accommodate changes after the reservation deadline.

Passes to attend ACL tapings CANNOT BE SOLD, AUCTIONED or RAFFLED.* You may offer your passes to attend a taping to a friend, family member, employee or clients and will have the opportunity to email your print-at-home passes directly if you wish. Print your passes and bring them with you for entry to the taping.


Arrival Time: Doors to the studio usually open at 7:00 p.m., one hour before the taping starts (exceptions to this rule are infrequent, but can occur). When you receive notice of a taping, review it carefully to confirm the taping time. If you made arrangements for your passes will be held at Will Call, they will be available at 6:00 p.m., or two hours before the taping begins. You must enter the studio by 7:40 p.m. to guarantee admission. At 7:40 p.m. we will release all un-claimed or un-scanned print-at-home passes to the public. The tapings start promptly and generally last at least 1 hour.

Seating: Assigned seats are only available on the mezzanine level and balcony level and will be noted on your tickets. General admission to the stage level provides first-come, first-served access to approximately 300 seats in the risers. If all of the seats are filled, you will have to stand.

Directions and Parking: All tapings for Austin City Limits are held at ACL-Live at the Moody Theater, located at 310 Willie Nelson Blvd., Austin, TX 78701 on 2nd Street between Lavaca and Guadalupe. Parking at the W Hotel is reserved for residences and guests of the hotel only; however there is plenty of parking in the area. We suggest street parking at meters or in the surrounding garages. You can find many parking options online here.

Tax Deductibility of Your Membership

Because your membership is a contribution to KLRU (i.e. you receive no marketable goods or services for your membership), and invitations to be a part of the television audience for Austin City Limits tapings are our way of thanking you for your donation, you may be able to consider your membership tax deductible. Please consult a tax attorney before making any official claims.

*Passes to ACL tapings CANNOT BE SOLD, raffled or auctioned to any individual, organization or through any ticketing brokerage source as it would jeopardize the tax deductibility of your donation. KLRU reserves the right to revoke the privileges and benefits associated with the Friends of ACL membership should a member not adhere to the policies.

What’s the Relationship Between KLRU/ACL and ACL-LIVE at the Moody Theater?

Stratus Properties, Inc. is the developer and owner of Block 21 that includes the W Austin Hotel and Residences and The Moody Theater. Stratus provides KLRU with 40 days access to the Moody Theater in exchange for KLRU’s licensing of the Austin City Limits brand to them for their concert series, ACL-Live at the Moody Theater. Of these 40 days, 18-20 will be used for our tapings of Austin City Limits. The remaining days will be used for other KLRU fundraising events that fulfill KLRU’s mission of making Austin a more vibrant community.

Outside of the nights that KLRU will tape Austin City Limits, the PBS television series, Stratus Properties – ACL-Live at the Moody Theater, will present a live concert series consisting of 60-100 live performances a year. Though this concert series is not a production of KLRU, nor will it be recorded for broadcast on PBS, we encourage you to take part in and experience great music in Austin’s newest and most acoustically sophisticated venue. You can view their calendar and purchase tickets online at