KLRU Ready To Learn provides reading and viewing strategies and suggestions for related activities to reinforce both program
and book objectives.

VIEW and DO Activities

Mom with creation


  • SESAME STREET: Mary Mary, Quite Contrary


  • SESAME STREET: Mary Mary, contra la corriente

Parent reading to child


Research has shown that reading aloud to children is the single most important thing adults can do to ensure childrens’ future learning success. Help your child by making connections between what they read and view) by:

  • Asking your child questions about the story;
  • Having your child predict what the story is about;
  • Using different voices for each character as you read the story;
  • Encouraging your child to retell the story;
  • Checking for understanding of new words and using the words again.

When you encourage your child to take part in the storybook reading, you help nurture a lifelong love of reading and books.

Photo: Sara pointing to clock on TV


When you turn on the TV you are inviting a guest into your home. Young children copy the behaviors they see. Help your child select television programs that reflect your family values. Good television should:

  • Provide positive role models
  • Promote appreciation of diversity
  • Show respect for others
  • Encourage problem solving without resorting to violence

Engage your child as they view PBS children’s shows by encouraging them to:

  • Talk about what they see on the program and ask questions;
  • Predict what might happen next;
  • Participate during the show by singing, clapping, dancing and counting;
  • Relate their experiences to what they see.

Parent holding up book & puppetDO

Turn ideas introduced in programs and books into concrete learning experiences for your child by making connections between what you read and view. For example:

  • After reading Lottie’s New Beach Towel, make paper bag or paper plate puppets of the storybook characters to encourage your child to retell the story and to reenact Lottie’s problem solutions.
  • After watching a Between the Lions segment about signs seen around the neighborhood (stop, exit, etc.) take a walk to look for environmental print-signs and words around home or school.

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