PBS KIDS Writers Contest 2014

2014 KLRU Winners

2014 KLRU - PBS Writers Contest
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3rd place
Celeste B.
My Treehouse

2nd place
Brendan B.
The Lucky Leprechaun

1st place
Paarth B.
How I Got My First Cast

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1st Grade:

3rd place tie
Keri C.
Polly’s Pollen

3rd place tie
Michelle H.
The Naughty Puppy

2nd place
Jose Carlos F.
The Magic Castle

1st place
Christian G.
Bryan the Carrot Goes to the Fair!

2nd Grade:

3rd place
Julia G.
Monkey Business

2nd place
Jill N.
Fred Meets Friends

1st place
Aidan D.
Fat Cat the Zookeeper

3rd Grade:

3rd place
Bryan B.
Journey To Earth

2nd place
Niranjana N.
The Insecure Square

1st place
Campbell C.
Kapi and the Art of Friendship


The PBS KIDS Writers Contest is a local-national contest designed to promote the advancement of children’s reading skills through hands-on, active learning. Children in kindergarten through third grade will be encouraged to write and illustrate stories and submit them to KLRU, which will then select winners and award prizes in May 2014. The KLRU-TV first place grade level winners will be entered into the national level of the Contest, where a renowned panel of judges select the national winners. Winners will be announced and national prizes will be awarded in June 2014. All children who enter the contest will have their story published on this web page to share with family and friends.The KLRU-TV local Writers Contest will begin January 6, 2014 and will end April 7, 2014. Please review contest rules for detailed information before entering the story.

Emailed Entries – Preferred
KLRU-PBS KIDS Writers Contest entries may be emailed as PDF or JPG attachments only.
Email address: writerscontest@klru.org

Each entry will have two attachments:

Mailed Entries
Address to:
PBS KIDS Writers Contest
P.O. Box 7158
Austin, TX 78713

To help you and your child with the story entry, check out last year’s winners and use the judging rubric (pdf) to learn how the story is scored.

Past Winners

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