PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest 2013

pbs kids go writers contest

Contest Information

The PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest invites children in grades K-3 to create stories using their own words and pictures, and recognizes their efforts with certificates and prizes. Parents, teachers, and librarians are encouraged to help children participate in the Contest.

Children in kindergarten through third grade will be encouraged to write and illustrate stories and submit them to KLRU TV, where we will select our local winners and award prizes. KLRU 1st place winners are entered into the national level of the Contest, where a renowned panel of judges select the national winners. Winners will be announced and national prizes will be awarded in summer 2013.

Contact Information

Mary Alice Appleman

2013 National Contest Winners

KLRU had our first place winners sent off to the national contest back in May.  We finally heard back from the contest coordinator that two of the submitted stories, 1st grade, “My Wish” and 3rd grade, “The Nighttime Burglar” were chosen to be featured on pbskids.org/writerscontest/!

This year pbskids.org/writerscontest/ site underwent some fun changes so be sure to check it out!

2013 Local Contest Winners

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2013 KLRU Writer's Contest Awards

We have sent off the 1st place winners from our local contest and hope for the best in the national arena. The first round of national judging happens at WNED on May 23rd, the next round is in D.C. on May 30th. PBS hopes to send out winner notifications to stations shortly after that, but the official announcement with the stories correctly placed on the national site will probably not be until the end of June.

KLRU’s 2013 PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest Entries – Kindergarten | First Grade | Second Grade | Third Grade


The Cayman Islands by Ainsley O.Ainsley O.
“The Cayman Islands” (pdf)

Sad Toad by Alexa V.Alexa V.
“Sad Toad” (pdf)

Simba's Lost by Allison H.Allison H.
“Simba’s Lost” (pdf)

The HorseAnais M-J.
“The Horse” (pdf)

My Chess Tournament by Arhant C.Arhant C.
“My Chess Tournament” (pdf)

Robert the Robot by Arihanth N.Arihanth N.
“Robert the Robot” (pdf)

The Man with One Shoe by Britta A.Britta A.
“The Man with One Shoe” (pdf)

The Thinking Notebook

Carson C.
“The Thinking Notebook” (pdf)

A Turtle's Home by Elizabeth M.Elizabeth M.
“A Turtle’s Home” (pdf)

Austin Zoo by Gagan M.Gagan M.
“Austin Zoo” (pdf)

School Time by Jagger L.Jagger L.
“School Time” (pdf)

Mi mascota / My Pet by Kaitlyn J-A-R.Kaitlyn J-A-R.
“Mi mascota / My Pet” (pdf)

Space by Kedar P.

Kedar P.
“Space” (pdf)

The Sick House

Keri C.
“The Sick House” (pdf)

A Trip to the Beach

Kylie C.
“A Trip to the Beach” (pdf)

A Rainbow House

Laney O.
“A Rainbow House” (pdf)

My Trip to NASA

Minte D.
“My Trip to NASA” (pdf)

Steve the Stingray by Peyton F.Peyton F.
“Steve the Stingray” (pdf)

A Sunflower StoryRachel W.
“A Sunflower Story” (pdf)

Motty-The Blue Alien by RamaAkshay M.RamaAkshay M.
“Motty – The Blue Alien” (pdf)

The Tooth Fairy by Soren S.Soren S.
“The Tooth Fairy” (pdf)

The Poison Dragon by Stephen N.Stephen N.
“The Poison Dragon” (pdf)

Robot Soccer by Wesley K.Wesley K.
“Robot Soccer” (pdf)

The Million Doors by Zachary B.Zachary B.
“The Million Doors” (pdf)

Second Grade

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The Strange DayAnaise A.
“The Strange Day” (pdf)

SugarAndrea M.
“Sugar” (pdf)

The Haunted HouseAngel L.
“The Haunted House” (pdf)

Molly's PlayCampbell C.
“Molly’s Play” (pdf)

My Pet UnicornCassandra N.
“My Pet Unicorn” (pdf)

Max the Bully CatCayla V.
“Max the Bully Cat” (pdf)

The Honted Toilet!Charles P.
“The Honted Toilet!” (pdf)

Los Niños ChidosChristian G.
“Los Niños Chidos” (pdf)

The Golden KingdomChristopher A.
“The Golden Kingdom” (pdf)

Just in TimeConnor C.
“Just in Time” (pdf)

The Evil ToiletCorbin K.
“The Evil Toilet” (pdf)

The Lesson LearnedDebbie B.
“The Lesson Learned” (pdf)

Mouse and RatElijah N.
“Mouse and Rat” (pdf)

Squirelly Ville by Esme M-B.Esme M-B
“Squirelly Ville” (pdf)

Ender JohnsonEthan P.
“Ender Johnson” (pdf)

NASA by Ethan W.Ethan W.
“NASA” (pdf)

The Brownie FamilyJasmine P.
“The Brownie Family” (pdf)

Cats in Dogs by John H.John H.
“Cats in Dogs” (pdf)

Spain vs. Pirates by Julian R.Julian R.
“Spain vs. Pirates” (pdf)

Santa's Gift by Katie M.Katie M.
“Santa’s Gift” (pdf)

PrincessLeanna M.
“Princess” (pdf)

Rebeca & Sarah by Liliana R.Liliana R.
“Rebeca & Sarah” (pdf)

Ferno and the CalkaraLincoln T.
“Ferno and the Calkara” (pdf)

Teenage GirlsMaya F.
“Teenage Girls” (pdf)

The Mysterious HouseMadeleine M.
“The Mysterious House” (pdf)

FriendsMakena P.
“Friends” (pdf)

My Puppy GraceMara M.
“My Puppy Grace” (pdf)

The Lost BoneMariah C.
“The Lost Bone” (pdf)

My New DogMayra R-J
“My New Dog” (pdf)

FlowersMia F.
“Flowers” (pdf)

What's That Thing?Murphy C.
“What’s That Thing?” (pdf)

Kyle and Rover by Prahal S.Prahal S.
“Kyle and Rover” (pdf)

Flood AdventurePrayag S.
“Flood Adventure” (pdf)

One Spring DayPriya P.
“One Spring Day” (pdf)

My Puppy by Rachel R.Rachel R.
“My Puppy” (pdf)

A Spec of GoldRebecca W.
“A Spec of Gold” (pdf)

Baseball in Heaven by Riley Z.Riley Z.
“Baseball in Heaven” (pdf)

The Scare Squirrel by Robert V.Robert V.
“The Scare Squirrel” (pdf)

A Pencil PartyRoxy Q.
“A Pencil Party” (pdf)

The Lost Present by Shrika P.Shrika P.
“The Lost Present” (pdf)

FSQ Mission KidsSophia S.
“FSQ Mission Kids” (pdf)

Dixie ChickTalía T.
“Dixie Chick” (pdf)

The Cool ManTiago C.
“The Cool Man” (pdf)

FrogzillaTrudy R.
“Frogzilla” (pdf)

The Greek MysteryWebb H.
“The Greek Mystery” (pdf)

The Five FairiesXimena G-A
“The Five Fairies” (pdf)

What Can You Do?Yader P.
“What Can You Do?” (pdf)

Third Grade

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The Race at Cactus Circle by Abigail H.Abigail H.
“The Candy Smasher” (pdf)

The Candy SmasherAndra Z.
“The Candy Smasher” (pdf)

The Nighttime Burglar by Andrew J.Andrew J.
“The Nighttime Burglar” (pdf)

The Forest by Anna S.Anna S.
“The Forest” (pdf)

The Doggie Dash by Audrey T.Audrey T.
“The Doggie Dash” (pdf)

Where is the Goose? by Bethany K.Bethany K.
“Where is the Goose?” (pdf)

The Last Laviette by Billy F.Billy F.
“The Last Laviette” (pdf)

MeréCedar T.
“Meré” (pdf)

Zombie School by Corey C.Corey C.
“Zombie School” (pdf)

Story of Color Jon by Cristian G.Cristian G.
“Story of Color Jon” (pdf)

Rapid River by Gabriel K.Gabriel K.
“Rapid River” (pdf)

War Star by John B.John B.
“War Star” (pdf)

The Pumpkin Chase by Logan L.Logan L.
“The Pumpkin Chase” (pdf)

Sally the Mermaid by Madeline R.Madeline R.
“Sally the Mermaid” (pdf)

The Computer Bath by Maya L.Maya L.
“The Computer Bath” (pdf)

Scaryella by Michael V.Michael V.
“Scaryella” (pdf)

Fashion by Nabila S.Nabila S.
“Fashion” (pdf)

Adventures of Tiny Me by Nicole N.Nicole N.
“Adventures of Tiny Me” (pdf)

Fintastic Friends by Shreyansh D.Shreyansh D.
“Fintastic Friends” (pdf)

The Great Invention by Sivan M.Sivan M.
“The Great Invention” (pdf)

Paintball by Stephen C.Stephen C.
“Paintball” (pdf)

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