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Perennial Color for Sun and Shade

Common Name Botanical Bloom Foliage Size Lighting Comments Wildlife
For the sun: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Coral Bean Erythrina herbacea Spectacular red spikes summer - fall Spade shaped; bright green 6X6 Full sun Awesome herbaceous perennial; great specimen plant Deer Resisitant; Hummingbird
Thryallis; Golden Showers Galphimia glauca Delicate yellow spikes summer - fall. Deciduous;1-2" dark green oval 4-6X4-6 Full sun to part shade Very hardy deciduous perennial; native to tropics where it is evergreen; makes a great back drop for lower plants. Deer Resisitant
Jerusalem Sage Phlomis fruticosa Soft yellow bloom spikes spring -early summer Evergreen; Silver green; fuzzy (similar to lamb's ear) 2-3'X3 Full sun to part shade Not a true salvia, but very hardy & tolerant of neglect; looks good year long. Deer Resisitant
Indigo Spires 'Mystic Spire' Salvia 'Indigo spire/mystic spire Deep indigo spires; Summer-Fall Large oval; Herbaceous 2 X 2 Full sun Blooms attract hummingbird and butterflies - monarchs love them. New cultivar is much smaller than original. Deer Resisitant; Butterflies
Homestead Verbena - Red Verbena sp Bright red blooms spring - fall. Low growing perennial - can be used as a groundcover. 1' X 3'+ Full sun to part shade Great perennial that sometimes blooms year long. It does require good drainage to perform well. Will often bloom in Jan/Feb w/ false springs! Deer resistant; Butterflies
May Night Salvia Salvia nemerosa Deep purple bloom spikes spring - fall. Rosette basal leaves evergreen 1x1 Full sun Wonderful evergreen salvia. Great in the border since it is low growing. Will often be blooming in Jan/Feb. Deer resistant; Butterflies
For the Shade: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Forsythia Sage Salvia madrensis Yellow bloom spikes summer-fall Large gray green leaves; running root stock. Herbaceous 4-5X4 Partial shade - shade Unusual yellow blooms for a salvia. Performs best w/ filtered sun. It will "colonize an area and bloom summer-fall. Deer resistant
Leather Leaf Mahonia Mahonia bealei Small yellow clusters in very early spring. Turning to blue berries later spring & summer Evergreen, leathery foliage; almost holly like w/ barbed tips. Quite uncomfortable to brush into. 4-6X4-6 Partial shade - shade Wonderful evergreen shrub. Attractive blue berries prized by birds. Deer resistant; Birds
Indigofera Indigo kirilowii Pink racemes early-mid summer; sometimes repeats in the fall. Pinnate foliage is very graceful. Generally deciduous, but may freeze to the ground in a severe winter. 2-3X2-3 Part sun - part shade. This is one of those plants that likes full sun, but can't take the Texas summer. It performs perfectly w/ am sun, or filtered all day. Looks nice in heavier shade, but does not bloom as much. unknown deer resistance; no known wildlife.
Pigeonberry Rivina humilis Pink blooms & red berries. Bright green leaves; herbaceous 1-2X1-2 Partial shade - shade Blooms & berries season long; birds love the berries. A good tall groundcover. Deer resistant; Birds
Columbine Aquilegia spp. Native varieties bloom yellow and orangish red in late spring/early summer. Graceful foliage is usually evergreen. 1-2X1-2 Partial shade - shade Great native perennial. Some non native varieties will perform well in the early spring. Native var. will often self sow - a bonus! Deer resistant