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Caterpillar Larval Plants with Meredith O’Reilly

Host plants for butterfly and moth caterpillars

National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward Meredith O'Reilly shows off a few host plants for butterfly and moth larvae.

Here's info on Austin's NWF Habitat Steward program.

Find out more and get a list of larval and nectar plants from the Austin Butterfly Forum.

Visit Meredith's blog, Great Stems, for outstanding photography and insight into wildlife all of kinds!

Butterfly and moth caterpillars (larva)

Gulf Fritillary butterfly
Host plant: passionvine (passionflower)

Sulphur butterflies, including Sleepy Orangesulphur butterfly
Host plant: Lindheimersenna

Crimson Patch butterfly
Host plant: Flame acanthus

Snowberry Clearwing moth, Spring Azure butterfly
Host plant: Coral honeysuckle

Cecropia moth, Tiger swallowtail butterfly
Host plant: Mexican plum

Giant swallowtail, Two-tailed swallowtail butterfly
Host plant: Wafer ash

Monarch butterfly
Host plant: milkweed