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Blackfoot Daisy

melampodium leucanthum

Perennial blackfoot daisy is native to regions from Oklahoma south to Mexico, and from Central Texas west through Colorado and Arizona.

Blackfoot daisy needs rocky, pool soil and indeed, one of its common names is rock daisy. It also wants heat and sun.

Water sparingly, once established, and be sure to plant in loose, well-drained soils, or even tucked among the rocks of an alpine or cactus garden.

Growing to only 6 inches tall but at least twice as wide, blackfoot daisy will be covered in bright white flowers from early spring all the way through late autumn in most regions. Plant in swaths along borders to create waves of white in your garden, or singly, tucked in among other xeric species.

Flowers attract bees and butterflies of all kinds and it is deer-resistant!