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Also called flowering maple, Chinese lantern, Indian mallow 5-7 years life span in general


  • Morning sun preferred
  • Will accept dappled sun
  • Broader leaf varieties tend to accept more shade
  • Smaller leaf varieties accept more sun


  • Neutral, but they do fine in alkaline soil
  • Do best if planted in soil that's been amended with compost
  • Need fairly well-drained soil, but does fine in clay soils that have been amended


  • Prune between bloom cycles
  • Do not hedge
  • Cut back to leaf stem to control shape and size


  • Fertilize monthly in spring and fall. You can use a granular or liquid fertilizer that is high in phosphorous.

Abutilon varieties:

  • Bella Red: 2-3' tall; more open flower form
  • Albaflora: 4-5' tall
  • Marilyn's Choice: 4-5' tall; sprawling, give them 3-4' space
  • Pink hybrid: 8-10' tall; woodier form like a small tree
  • Patrick's abutilon: Abutilon pictum Patrick's'; 8' tall, glossy leaves


  • Lemon rose mallow (Hibiscus calyphyllus)