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Animals are chewing the bark on my young trees. Is this fatal and what can I can do?
Are garden mushrooms toxic to dogs?
Can I use soapy shower or kitchen water in the garden?
Can I cover my oak tree roots with compost or soil to plant groundcovers?
Can I grow peonies and other favorite Northeastern/Midwestern plants?
Can I put weeds in the compost pile?
Can I recycle kitty litter in the grass or non-food areas?
Can I use bagged mulch that’s gotten a little moldy after sitting around?
Can plants actually sun scald?
Do I need to clean or sterilize my containers before planting again?
Does it really take 100 years for a century plant to bloom?
Does it really take 100 years for “century plants” to bloom?
Exactly what are annuals and how do they affect our mood?
Freeze-damaged tomatoes, what to do?
Frozen plants, how soon can we prune?
How and when can I prune my live oak trees?
How and when should I fertilize my shrubs, trees, and perennials?
How can I deal with weeds in dead grass around my trees?
How can I propagate rosemary?
How can I protect new plants and vegetables when it’s hot?
How can we fend off insects from our trees?
How close to trees can we add pavers or other hardscaping?
How do botany and horticulture intersect?
How do botany and horticulture intersect?
How do I get rid of weeds in walkway paths?
How do I keep Texas sage (cenizo) fluffy, not skimpy?
How do I solarize? Can I use an old shower curtain or should I use black mulch?
How do seeds work? What makes them germinate?
How should I mulch when light rain doesn’t make it down to the plant roots?
How should we water our shrubs? Do we go to the drip line, like for trees?