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Will Pedal for Compost

Meet food plants new on our horizon, like Yacón, Gynura and Oca with Jay Beard, organic grower at Lone Star Nursery. On tour, the East Side Compost Pedallers spare the landfill by cycling to pick up neighborhood compostables to nourish soil at local farms and community gardens. Daphne explains how to pep up your own compost pile. Her Plant of the Week is native perennial giant coneflower, Rudbeckia maxima, that attracts native bees to its flowers. Merrideth Jiles demonstrates how to stain and protect concrete sculptures to personalize your garden art.

Originally aired July 12th, 2014

Plant of the Week: Giant coneflower

POW Giant Coneflower

Tips of the Week

  • Cut back spring bulbs that have gone brown. Good time to divide and move while you can see them.
  • Prune herbs on a regular basis to encourage new growth.
  • Blast spider mites with water every few days under the leaves.
  • Plant summer-blooming cosmos, sunflowers, angelonia, celosia and annual salvias to attract wildlife.
  • Remember to deeply water your new shrubs and trees every week.
  • Collect seeds of spring blooming wildflowers, dry inside, and store for next fall.

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Question of the Week

How can I keep my compost pile active?

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Will Pedal for Compost | East Side Compost Pedallers

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