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Tree Problems

Consulting arborist Don Gardner explains why trees suffer and die in drought and how to save them. On tour, Annie Gillespie salvages an uncomfortable slope for gardens and family. Get Daphne's tips to care for wintering bluebonnets and other spring wildflowers. Her pick of week is winter edibles to tuck into perennial beds. John Dromgoole shows how to prevent insects and disease on fruit trees.

Originally aired January 5th, 2013

Plant of the Week: Winter Vegetables

Joi Choi bok choy

Tips of the Week

  • Deeply water new shrubs and plants.
  • Water wildflower seedlings (including non-native poppies and larkspurs).
  • Transplant trees, shrubs and hardy perennials.
  • Transplant roses.
  • Avoid pruning evergreens.
  • Prune trees.
  • Prune hardy evergreen perennials like Saliva greggi.
  • While it's cool, build new beds and add hardscape and edging.

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Question of the Week

My bluebonnets are coming up. How do I care for them in winter?

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Hillside Garden

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