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Pond Tour 2014

Make a splash on a preview of the Austin Pond Society 2014 tour with Linda & Karl Tinsley. On our tour, Laura and Travis McGarraugh revamped their backyard into new family fun with ponds and wildlife when their kids outgrew the lawn’s playscape.  Daphne identifies the spider mites attacking a cedar (ashe juniper) tree. She picks dwarf pittosporum for an evergreen small shrub in shade. John Dromgoole shows how to keep ants out of containers, along with fertilizer tips for best flowering.

Originally aired May 31st, 2014 (Rebroadcast May 31st, 2014)

Plant of the Week: Dwarf Pittosporum

pow cream de mint pittosporum

Tips of the Week

  • Plant heat-loving annuals like marigold, zinnia, cosmos, caladium, torenia, ‘Black Pearl’ pepper, angelonia and sunflowers.
  • Water new shrubs and trees deeply every week.
  • Move your lawn mower setting to high. Mow high and leave the clippings. That will keep your grass green in our weekly water schedule.
  • Watch for seeds on poppies, larkspurs, bluebonnets, Indian blanket and other native plants. When seed pods are really brown, collect them into a bucket. Clean them, let dry for a few days and store indoors or other cool spot until next fall.

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Question of the Week

What’s wrong with my cedar trees (ashe juniper)? They turned brown and are covered in cobwebs.

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Ponds replace lawn | Laura and Travis McGarraugh

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