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Pond Society Tour

Soothe your soul and fascinate it with wildlife through streams, ponds, and fountains on the Austin Pond Society tour. Kathy Ragan and Karl Tinsley illustrate design styles, settings, and sizes among the many options to see this year. Find out what inspired Georgetown’s Claudia and Ronnie Hubenthal to build their stream and ponds. Daphne Richards answers: can weeds go in the compost pile? Her pick of the week is esperanza ‘Orange Jubilee’. John Dromgoole explains why grafted tomatoes and other vegetables are such a hit.

Originally aired June 1st, 2013

Plant of the Week: Tecoma x


Tips of the Week

  • Plant Malabar spinach, okra, southern peas and sweet potato slips.
  • Plant peanuts! These legumes add nitrogen to the soil, are pretty all summer and you can even get your own fresh peanuts.
  • Prune container plants and summer annuals to promote fuller growth.

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Question of the Week

Can I put weeds in the compost pile?

Featured Garden

Stream and Pond Design

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