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Keyhole Gardens

Tom Spencer and Deb Tolman show how to build keyhole gardens for sustainable food in drought and small spaces. On tour, visit organic grower Gabriel Valley Farms to see how nursery plants get started. Daphne Richards analyzes oak tree galls. Trisha Shirey shows to dry herbs for flavor all year round.

Originally aired September 22nd, 2012

Plant of the Week: Skeleton-Leaf Goldeneye

Skeleton-leaf goldeneye

Tips of the Week

  • Plant transplants of beans and summer squash.
  • With cooler weather, your peppers will start performing again.
  • Watch out for fall webworms on trees like pecans. If your tree is small, spray with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). If trees are tall, try to penetrate the webs with a rake or stick to open them up, so beneficial wasps will take care of those caterpillars for you.

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Question of the Week

What are these things on my oak trees? Are they harmful and what can I do?

Featured Garden

Where Plants Come From with Gabriel Valley Farms

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