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Grow What You Eat

Make this a fruitful New Year with Larry Womack’s tips for growing fruit from Womack Nursery. On tour, Paige Hill, founder of the Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms, brings neighbors together to grow food and friendships. Daphne answers: when we prune trees, do we need to paint the cuts?  Her plant of the week is winter-blooming edible calendula. Merrideth Jiles shows how to style up the house with tillandsias, the easiest indoor plant ever.

Originally aired January 11th, 2014 (Rebroadcast January 11th, 2014)

Plant of the Week: Calendula


Tips of the Week

  • Plant fruit trees, blackberries and grapes. Be sure to soak bare root plants before planting and do not let them dry out.
  • Plant asparagus and onion sets.
  • Plant and prune trees.
  • Move dormant shrubs and roses.
  • Avoid moving succulent plants.
  • Plant winter annuals. Find your favorite color scheme at your local nursery.
  • Avoid pruning too fast. Native clumping grasses provide shelter, while seeds on perennials feed small birds.
  • Cut back summer’s annuals if you want to tidy up something.
  • Scoop leaves onto your beds or add to the compost pile.

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Question of the Week

Why do we paint pruning cuts on oaks but not on other trees?

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Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms

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