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Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardens

Get growing fall and winter vegetables with tasty tips from Master Gardener Ally Stresing. On tour, meet the next generation of green gardeners at Wells Branch Elementary. Daphne Richards adds homegrown artichokes to the menu, for food, flowers, and perennial attention. John Dromgoole styles up recycled containers with bromeliads, ferns, and dyckias.

Originally aired September 7th, 2013 (Rebroadcast September 27th, 2014)

Plant of the Week: Artichoke


Tips of the Week

  • Get your soil tested.
  • Compost vegetable beds for fall crops.
  • Slow water new shrubs and trees.
  • Avoid harsh pruning while it’s hot and dry.
  • Analyze the garden to see what struggled the most this summer and find a suitable replacement this fall.
  • Start thinking about wildflower seeds and bulbs since we’ll be planting those in the next few months.

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Question of the Week

How do I get rid of weeds in walkway paths?

Featured Garden

Wells Branch Elementary Green Team Garden

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