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Make an Entrance and Then Sit Down!

No longer are porches simply all about cute doormats.
front porch charm central texas gardener
Decorative tiles really step up this porch.
decorative tile front porch Central Texas Gardener
Some neighbors of mine recently jazzed up utilitarian concrete with floor tiles.
front porch tiles over concrete Central Texas Gardener
Arbors, too, say “Step right this way, folks.”
cute vegetable garden arbor Central Texas Gardener
stylish cobalt blue arbor Central Texas Gardener
contemporary garden and arbor Central Texas Gardener
Now here’s a clever way to dress up an arbor’s standard wooden posts.
bamboo facing on wood arbor Central Texas Gardener
Fending off neighboring bamboo, these gardeners put it to good use.
bamboo facing on wood arbor Central Texas Gardener
They even used their bamboo cuttings to create privacy on a chain link fence: much cheaper than installing a wooden fence, especially since it’s free. Lemonade out of lemons!
bamboo covering chain link fence Central Texas Gardener
In this tiny side garden, bamboo saves the day. Since it’s clumping, not running, it doesn’t destroy neighborly relations. Instead, it improves harmonious close-quarter living.
cozy shady patio clumping bamboo privacy Central Texas Gardener
For privacy in this small backyard, the gardeners constructed panels of galvanized metal with slats of wood for air flow. To extend outdoor living, they raised the bar on patio roofing with this stylish structure.
contemporary patio cover Central Texas Gardener
Galvanized panels supported by wood framing shield this gardener’s outdoor living.
galvanized panel for patio privacy Central Texas Gardener
On a small lot, a concrete wall embedded with ledges for containers of succulents separates this couple from a rag tag rental next door.
concrete patio privacy with embedded plant ledges Central Texas Gardener
Also, they used diverse materials to broaden the scope of a narrow patio.
diverse materials stylisth patio and path Central Texas Gardener
Whew, so let’s sit down! What’s your bottom line on garden seating style?
Lucinda Hutson's cozy nicho patio room Central Texas Gardener
cute red bench patio niche Central Texas Gardener
cute garden bench from recycled materials Central Texas Gardener
handmade backyard bench Cenral Texas Gardener
stylish wood bench Central Texas Gardener
stone bench and table backyard living room Central Texas Gardener
pallet furniture on patio Central Texas Gardener
Now, let’s add some water. No question that it cools us down, but the real point is to hydrate our parched wildlife.
stylish geometrical backyard and pond Central Texas Gardener
cute disappearing fountain for wildlife Central Texas Gardener
millstone sunken fountain stone patio Central Texas Gardener
no lawn front yard with fountain Central Texas Gardener
front patio pond Central Texas Gardener
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