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From the Producer: 3/22

What exciting news—the twice-moved Mrs. Oakley Fisher rose is leafing like crazy in photinia-ville! Mrs. Oakley Fisher roseI always hate it when I kill a plant out of kindness. The bit of rain and record heat were just what it needed. And I’m glad I put the overripe bananas on the feeder, since the heat brought out hungry butterflies, too.

Since we’re probably safe by now, I moved the cycad last Saturday. What a great idea! It was too close to a window off the patio. Now it’s the perfect textural addition to the rental fence bed. While I was in the patio area, I divided and fertilized a small stand of gingers and mulched the whole bed. In other areas, I divided a Sprimp Plantshrimp plant for the front bed, and moved a pink trumpet vine for the creek bed fence. After they were thoroughly soaked in, I went back with the watering can and a SuperThrive and seaweed mixture.Desert Trumpet (Pink Trumpet Vine)

Some of you have asked if I have a large yard. It feels like it when it’s 93 degrees in March, but it’s your standard 1958 yard, probably a 1/4 acre lot. And believe me, it sounds better than it really is!