From the producer: February 20, 2009

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Last weekend, Sam helped me in the garden. Thankfully, he soon wore out, and flopped in the cat cove catnip.

cat in catnip

Just beyond, the first spring starflowers (Ipheion uniflorum) showed up.

Spring starflower (Ipheion uniflorum)

Chester the cocker spaniel stays far away on rose pruning day, since his first spring in residence. Eager to “help,” he ran through the pile, where a thorny cutting snagged in his curly fur.  But I wasn’t alone this time as I pruned and fertilized. When I saw these two, I pulled off my gloves and got the camera for the early birds.


Mutabilis rose

Isabella Sprunt

Isabella Sprunt rose

The mountain laurels aren’t going to go nuts this year, but the one in the crape bed wins first prize for first flower.  A butterfly, I think a sulfur, jumped in for a drink.

Mountain laurel flower with sulfur butterfly

Here’s an unidentified beauty, if anyone knows what it is. Its leaves look like dandelions.

I cut back almost everything, except the bicolor sage (Salvia sinaloensis), the abutilons, since they’re full of buds, and the shrimp plants.  I’ll do those in a few weeks along with other touch-ups.  With just the bit of rain we’ve gotten, the plants I pruned in January are fluffing out like crazy.

Here’s a bonus, two fabulous plants from friend and fellow gardener Tom Poth.

Agarita in spring bloom

Agarita flowers

Acacia rigidula

Acacia rigidula

This week on CTG, Tom and designer Dylan Robertson look at the garden’s big picture. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing to tackle, but his ideas and philosophy open a new door to view our gardens. Like Julie Moir Messervy’s The Inward Garden, Dylan’s concepts are ones that can be translated to the DIY on a budget.

Until next week, Linda

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  2. By Bob Harper on Feb 19, 2009

    That picture of the cat asleep in your flower bed is worth many a smile – thanks. And, have you ever thought of putting your garden on CEG some week? Your pictures look like you have a great place and I’d like to see more. I hope it’s not against any rule to put yours on some week. Bob


  3. By Cindy, MCOK on Feb 20, 2009

    Linda, I’d love to know the name of that weed so I could curse my enemy properly!


    Linda reply on February 20th, 2009 9:50 am:

    Cindy, really, it’s a weed?! Will let you know what I find out.


  4. By Jenny on Feb 22, 2009

    I think that is the same “weed” in my garden and I actually quite like it. If you don’t get to it I’ll send a photo to Mr Smarty Plants. When Julie from the WFC was here a couple of years ago she couldn’t identify it. I was hoping it was golden grounsel but it wasn’t.


    Linda reply on February 22nd, 2009 6:29 pm:

    Hi, Jenny, I’ve sent it to the Wildflower Center already. I’d hoped it was a version of groundsel, too, but their plant files showed not. Will let you you know!


  5. By jill jones on Apr 14, 2009

    Might you be willing to share a couple of bulbs of the starflower? I’ve been looking for it for years ( my grandmother grew it) and only just recently learned its’ proper name. I’d be happy to pay shipping or whatever is customary…


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