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From the producer: December 19, 2008

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Since our Christmas present, the birdbath, is in active duty (large birds submerging for a total spa experience, while finches delicately bathe and drink on the upper levels), all that's on my list for Santa is RAIN. Aside from that, the ...

From the producer: December 12, 2008

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I can't believe it, I really can't!  The flowering Christmas cactus our neighbor Amelia and her daughter gave us last Christmas Eve is blooming like crazy. Here's the first flower to open this year. I'd never grown one, and was just ...

From the producer: December 5, 2008

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On the misty day after Thanksgiving, I set out to plant bulbs. Then, I stood there and tried to remember where I was going to put all these things. Every spring I take pictures and make notes, "more bulbs here ...