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  2. By Rodney Mc Linn on Jun 10, 2013

    Very nice plants. Do you have a source for perennial geraniums? We live in Killeen. We have many Lantanas, Anisacanthus, red shrimp plants, 3 colors of Crepe Myrtles, Turk Caps (red and white), scads of Pavonia, Carolina Jessamine, Salvias and other things I need to plant.


    Linda reply on June 11th, 2013 5:51 pm:

    Hi, Rodney! Actually, I don’t. I got some at the Stephen F. Austin plant sale that are supposedly perennial in the ground, but I always keep my geraniums in pots and protect in winter. Plus, when we get flooding rains, they don’t like that too well. Even scented geraniums (pelargoniums) should be protected in winter. Wow, your garden sounds absolutely gorgeous! If you want that red color like geraniums, consider some of the perennial salvias like roemeriana or regla. Oma’s in Killeen may know a perennial geranium or alternative. Great to hear from you!


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