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Fairy Gardens and Terrariums - November 21st, 2013

Enter a miniature world of fairy gardens and terrariums to intrigue children and adults with Sandra Killough from Bonnie’s Greenhouse. On tour, Lana and Bob Beyer turned their drought-fried grass into perennial wildlife fun. Daphne answers: are garden mushrooms toxic to dogs?  Her Plant of the Week is nasturtium, a beautiful (and edible) trailing plant to enjoy all winter. Trisha Shirey shows how to force dramatic amaryllis bulbs for holiday won…

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…gap underneath. But it’s such a showstopper all winter that I don’t mind. By this year, the upcoming plumbagos may be ready to fling their branches over its temporary graveyard. It suffered just a tad when we hit 10º, but obviously not much. I cut off the damaged leaves and it just kept on growing. Soon, we’ll also say goodbye to our larkspurs. I plan to collect seeds of this double that seeded itself in the grass from last yea…