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Yes, You Can Grow Roses - February 22nd, 2014

Yes, You Can Grow Roses, Judy Barrett’s latest book full of rosy tips for no-spray, drought tough beauties. On tour, Penny Kerker-Smith from the First Austin African Violet Society perks up the office and the house with easy-care African violets. Daphne illustrates why not to hedge native Texas sage (cenizo) and highlights spring-blooming perennial Texas Gold columbine, a Texas Superstar plant. Find out when and how to fertilize with Brandi Blai…


Drew Demler’s Fruit Tree List

…s; they usually have a strong fragrance when ripe and a very distinct flavor Please avoid: Bartlett, Anjou, Bosc, or Comice. They won’t work well here. Asian Pears: Hosui brown skin and awesome flavor when fully ripened 20th century yellow skin and good quality Ya Li large sweet pears beautiful flowers and fall foliage as well NOTE: Asian pears are firmer than regular pears and ripen fully on the tree, whereas regular pears are usually pi…

Mitzi VanSant’s Plant List

…Just Joey (Hybrid Teas) Sunsprite (Floribunda) Noisettes: Lamarque Reve d’Or Marechal Neil Pink Marechal Neil Polyanthas: Cecile Brunner Perle d’ Or Gruss an Aachen (actually the first Floribunda released in 1909 but often grouped with old roses) Shrubs: Belinda’s Dream Darlow’s Enigma Cl. Pinkie Teas: Bon Silene Catherine Mermet Dr. Grill Duchesse de Brabant Etiole de Lyon Frances Dubreuil G. Nobonnand Geo…