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Cold-hardy Bromeliads - July 26th, 2014

Curvaceous cold-hardy bromeliads—can we grow them? Horticulturist Scott Ogden shares his plant driven bromeliad passion. Daphne explains why flowers turn to the sun. Her Plant of the Week is hummingbird magnet for sun and shade, Firecracker fern. Merrideth Jiles shows how to divide bromeliads. On tour, two neighbors united the neighborhood when they took out their lawns….

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Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens - April 14th, 2012

…il or compost over exposed oak tree roots to plant groundcovers?” Her pick of the week: drought-tough native Mountain Laurel. Merrideth Jiles from The Great Outdoors shows off his home garden survivors that made it through 2011′s hard freeze and drought….


Merredith Jiles’ Drought Survivors

Survivors! 2011 was a double-whammy year for plants. Feb. 2011 saw the worst freeze in 35 years. All of 2011 was the worst drought in nearly 100 years. So what plants made it through both issues? My situation: east Austin, near I-35. Stopped regular watering in April 2011. Trees: (Most of them established shade trees) Acacia smallii- Huisache Tree. Olea europea- Olive Trees (fruitless varieties and dwarf) Cupressus arizonica- Ar…