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Pond Society Tour - June 1st, 2013

Soothe your soul and fascinate it with wildlife through streams, ponds, and fountains on the Austin Pond Society tour. Kathy Ragan and Karl Tinsley illustrate design styles, settings, and sizes among the many options to see this year. Find out what inspired Georgetown’s Claudia and Ronnie Hubenthal to build their stream and ponds. Daphne Richards answers: can weeds go in the compost pile? Her pick of the week is esperanza ‘Orange Jubilee’. John…

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Sneaking into summer

…m Central Texas Gardener’s Facebook page, some of our friends fondly refer to Althea as the “granny plant.” We all agree that we need a good granny now and then!  I still have some of the lavender ones that came with my 1950s house. It’s a great adaptable accent or deciduous companion in an evergreen natural screen. Another passalong is from Daphne herself, when she was trialing Peter’s Purple monarda. Hummingbirds and butterflies, here the…

From the producer: July 12, 2008

…en when I got it at an end-of-summer sale, and I’d just about given up on it ever rallying. I guess it knew my evil thoughts. To cool us off, this week CTG visits one of the gardens on the Austin Pond Society tour July 19 & 20. When we taped Kathy and Rick Irwin’s pond near Cedar Park, we’d hope the migrating mallards would be there. Nope. I guess they avoid the paparazzi, because as soon we left, they came back for Kathy