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garden ragna and bob

Perennial Fun - October 25th, 2014

Meet under-the-radar native perennials for wildlife with Barbara and Bobby Wright from organic Wright’s Nursery in Briggs. On tour in San Antonio, Ragna and Bob Hersey turned a flat-scape into vibrant outdoor rooms fun with art, passalong plants and creative recycling.  Mulching trees is great unless we do it the wrong way. Daphne illustrates fatal mulching mistakes around trees. Her plant of the week is native coral honeysuckle, an evergreen pe…

Jenny and David Stocker

Native Plants for Wildlife - October 11th, 2014

Celebrate Texas Native Plant Week with Cathy Downs from the Native Plant Society of Texas.  Get her drought defiant picks to support wildlife all year long and why it matters. On tour, Jenny and David Stocker combine drought, pollinator plants, and beautiful outdoor living. Daphne illustrates how viewer Kim Bruch dries and preserves native plants for her elementary school students. Find out how to grow Plant of the Week native purple skullcap (S…


Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardens - September 7th, 2013

Get growing fall and winter vegetables with tasty tips from Master Gardener Ally Stresing. On tour, meet the next generation of green gardeners at Wells Branch Elementary. Daphne Richards adds homegrown artichokes to the menu, for food, flowers, and perennial attention. John Dromgoole styles up recycled containers with bromeliads, ferns, and dyckias….


Pond Tour 2014 - May 31st, 2014

Make a splash on a preview of the Austin Pond Society 2014 tour with Linda & Karl Tinsley. On our tour, Laura and Travis McGarraugh revamped their backyard into new family fun with ponds and wildlife when their kids outgrew the lawn’s playscape.  Daphne identifies the spider mites attacking a cedar (ashe juniper) tree. She picks dwarf pittosporum for an evergreen small shrub in shade. John Dromgoole shows how to keep ants out of containers,…

garden natural bridge caverns 2

What’s That Beetle Up To? - May 24th, 2014

Meet the beetles with entomologist Mike Quinn who identifies the good guys in your garden. On tour at Natural Bridge Caverns, see what we put on top ends up in our aquifers. Daphne answers: how long can we store pecans and when to plant? Her pick of the week is Sparkler sedge to brighten up shady spots. John Dromgoole shows how to fend off pests, like squash vine borer, and how to keep the beneficial pests….

garden mike and donna fowler

Garden Maintenance 101 - January 18th, 2014

Designer Ginger Hudson spares us mistakes from tools to plants with interactive how-to for every season in her iBook, A Guide to Landscape Maintenance for Central Texas Gardens. On tour in Hutto, home of the hippos, Donna and Mike Fowler spark a family creative co-op of art, food, wildlife and fun. Daphne multi-tasks hair clips to control unruly vines. Her Plant of the Week, ornamental kale, chases off the winter blues. John Dromgoole shows how…


Texas Getting Started Guide - November 7th, 2013

Are you new to gardening, just new to Texas, or looking for new drought-tough plants? Horticulturist Mary Irish puts us on the right path with her latest book, Texas Getting Started Guide. Daphne’s Plant of the Week is creeping germander, a silvery groundcover that stands up to water restrictions! Problems in your new raised vegetable bed? Get her easy fix. Wrap up you holiday gift list with John Dromgoole’s tips on forcing indoor bu…

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Water Conservation Design - March 6th, 2014

How can we maximize rainwater in drought? Landscape architect Kenneth Francis illustrates water management designs from experience in New Mexico and Texas. On tour, Earth Camp fifth-graders at the Becker Elementary Green Classroom teach wise lessons on watershed protection. Pump up those iris blooms with Daphne’s tips on fertilizer. Daphne explains when to fertilize iris for fabulous flowers. Get growing asparagus with John Dromgoole’s tip…


Wildflower Center Garden Tour 2014 - April 26th, 2014

See how to design with native and adapted plants in drought on the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s 2014 Gardens on Tour. Tour the new Luci & Ian Family Garden that extends Lady Bird’s mission to all generations. Daphne answers: What is a native plant? See why she makes native Texas betony her plant of the week. Multiply your native plants with John Dromgoole’s tips on how to propagate them….


John Dromgoole’s Potting Soil Mixes

by John Dromgoole Spring Fall Rose Tonic 8 parts alfalfa meal 2 parts cottonseed meal (arsenic-free) 2 parts rock phosphate (or colloidal phosphate but not super phosphate) 2 parts bone meal 1 part blood meal 1 part Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) Thoroughly combine ingredients and apply 1 cup of mixture for each foot (30 cm) of shrub height. Lightly scratch the…