Bill AdamsThis Week's Guest
Thinking about homegrown tomatoes? Let’s get growing with “the tomato guy” Bill Adams, author ... More
Rob NashFeatured Garden
What’s aquaponics all about? Find out as Rob Nash takes us on a tour of his Austin Aquaponics gree... More
qow hardy satsumaQuestion of the Week
What's the most cold-hardy Satsuma?

‘Orange Frost’ is a Texas Superstar plant—one that’s highly recommended by Texas A&M AgriLife.  It’s a great one to choose, with cold hardiness to 12°. ‘Arctic Frost’—to be designated a S... More

Evergreen SumacPlant of the Week
Evergreen Sumac

This native evergreen shrub thrives with very little care or attention. In full sun, evergreen sumac will get large, bushy, and rather round, but if grown in dappled shade, it will have a more open, lithe appearance, getting... More

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