Trisha ShireyThis Week's Guest
In the ultimate hands-on guide to organic homegrown food, Trisha Shirey tackles tips to make it easy... More
Lorig HawkinsFeatured Garden
Where have all the farmers gone? To nurture young, aspiring organic farmers in Central Texas and bey... More
Foliar FeedQuestion of the Week
What’s the difference in foliar and root fertilizing?

Our question this week is on fertilization, and the difference between foliar and root “feeding.” Plants require specific nutrients to grow and be healthy, and often these nutrients are lacking in the soil... More

pow sharifa asma rosePlant of the Week
‘Sharifa Asma’ rose

‘Sharifa Asma’ rose is one of my all-time favorite plants. ‘Sharifa Asma’ is one of a type known as English shrub roses, many of which were developed by famed rose breeder David Austin. These roses blend modern and an... More

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