interview deena spellmanThis Week's Guest
Deena Spellman from Bastrop Gardens picks easy-care plants that feed us and overwintering pollinator... More
Austin Neal's GardenFeatured Garden
When Austin Neal moved to Austin, he dug in feet first into new garden territory. Starting from scra... More
qow herbs rot tracie storieQuestion of the Week
Why did my sage, thyme and oregano rot?

Thanks to Tracie Storie for her great question and pictures! This is a very common problem in summer. Here’s her story: Tracie says that the problem started with her culinary sage in late spring, when almos... More

pow crossvinePlant of the Week

Crossvine is a woody, native vine that is tamely aggressive compared to its cousin, trumpet vine  (Campsis radicans). The original native is golden yellow with magenta center. Cultivar ‘Tangerine Beauty’ is orange with y... More

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