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What the Sheds Going On? She Sheds: Erika Kotite!

For some of us, sheds are where we plunk tools, rock-hard paint brushes, Christmas lights, and “that stuff” we’re sure we’ll need someday. Shed politics can sure disrupt family harmony: “What! You’re throwing THAT out?” When Barbara and David Hale united two sheds/garages in holy matrimony, friends pitched in to build David’s “he shed” for | read more →

Recharge Your Faith in Gardens

How many times has a plant stopped you in your tracks? In our gardens or on the road, we pause in awe. You don’t have to be a gardener to get excited about Texas sage/cenizo’s (Leucophyllum frutescens) humidity-driven flowers and bees quickly winging over. We’re amazed when rain lilies suddenly burst like clouds in the | read more →

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Shed Your Ideas About Sheds!

air date: June 24, 2017

Erika Kotite, author of She Sheds, puts a new spin on sheds! Create a room of your own—styled to fit your dreams—for lady lairs, art studios, and even garden sheds. On tour in Lucinda Hutson’s fiesta garden, vivacious rooms excite the senses outdoors, while contemplative peace resides in her “she shed” outdoor office. Invite hummingbirds over with native, perennial coralbean and find out why Daphne recommends that a new homeowner cut down a chinaberry tree. Trisha Shirey and Barbara Wise from Crescent Garden doll up container planters with clever and practical accents.

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June To Do List

This month's tips for how to care for your plants, pruning, fertilizing, lawn care, and preping for your garden. Read the entire to do list.

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