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Oak Wilt, Fruit Tree Prune, Food & Flower Fun

Already, January’s been as fickle as a cat. Between Texas-style nips, spurts of sunlight warmed up a few crispy plants, like Barbados cherry. It desperately needed cutting back anyway, a chore for March. In this little cove, it’s business as usual for Jerusalem sage and roses along with wildflowers, bulbs, and pink skullcap. ‘Country Girl’ | read more →

Botanical artist, fruit tree solutions, growing potatoes

Warming up a brisk start to the New Year, my Matchstick bromeliad (Aechmea gamosepala) lights a fire in a shady nook beneath my mountain laurel. Unbothered by cold, heat, drought or bucketing rain, it sticks to its evergreen job. Weather sure has thrown us for a loop the past few years. I guess that’s really | read more →

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Top Tree Questions

air date: January 13, 2018

When should you fertilize trees, when can you prune oaks susceptible to oak wilt, how do animals kill trees, and what’s the latest threat to crape myrtle trees? Mark Mann, ISA Certified Arborist with The Davey Tree Expert Company answers your top tree questions. Daphne identifies fuzzy growths on live oak trees and explains why they aren’t a problem. Zach Halfin, tree advocate, demonstrates fruit tree pruning at a Yard to Market Co-op workshop. On tour, a young family in LaGrange grows fruit, food, and fun. Plant of the Week is golden California poppy for early spring’s busy bees.

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January To Do List

This month's tips for how to care for your plants, pruning, fertilizing, lawn care, and preping for your garden. Read the entire to do list.

Plant of the Week

California Poppy

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