interview doug tallamyThis Week's Guest
Bringing Nature Home author Dr. Douglas Tallamy, University of Delaware Professor & Chair of Ent... More
garden pictureFeatured Garden
This garden’s got it all: ponds, butterfly plants, hand-made bird houses, vegetables and even an o... More
qow childhood memoriesQuestion of the Week
Why should we introduce kids to gardening?

When adults pass along garden memories to the children in their lives, the fond lessons stick forever and keep on growing. For me, it was my grandmother, with her vegetable garden, when I was in elementary sch... More

pow boragePlant of the Week

Borage is a warm weather annual herb that’s a lovely fuzzy leafy addition to your textural garden. It’s great in containers, too. Full sun is best, and the more sunlight it gets the more upright and attractive it will st... More

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