Interview William WelchThis Week's Guest
How do Spanish and Mexican designs influence our garden melting pot? Dr. William C. Welch from Texas... More
Garden Claire GoldenFeatured Garden
Inspired by trips to Mexico, Claire Golden restored her historic mission-styled courtyard in San Ant... More
Oak Leaves FallingQuestion of the Week
Why do oak trees drop leaves in summer?

Thanks to Amy Winn for this great question! Her oak trees are dropping leaves in summer, when they normally do it in spring. Most likely this is heat and drought stress. When plants get stressed, they take mea... More

CilantroPlant of the Week

Cilantro’s an easy herb to grow from seed or transplants. This cool-weather annual is a perfect replacement for summer’s basil. Plant seeds in October to take over when basil dies back in the first frost.  Stagger plant... More

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