College Resources

The following will help students
prepare for college:

A new online tool to help students and families prepare financially for college before a student’s senior year of high school is now available. Called the FAFSA4caster, it provides high school juniors with an early estimate of their eligibility for federal financial aid, which could include a Pell Grant of up to $4,310 based on financial need. The FAFSA4caster allows for an easy transition to FAFSA on the Web, the online version of the federal application. It pre-populates 51 of the 102 questions on the FAFSA, significantly reducing the time it takes for students to complete the FAFSA in their senior year of high school. The FAFSA4caster is available in both English and Spanish.

Texas Distance Education
The state’s higher education agency has set up a Web site to help those considering a college education via the Internet and other electronic means. The site is a "one-stop information center for the distance education courses and programs offered electronically by Texas colleges, universities and health-related institutions," an announcement by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board said.


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