With their bright colors & intricate carvings, traditional Mexican masks serve as a window into the soul & are said to transform the wearer. In the “Masked: Changing Identities” exhibition, Mexic-Arte Museum brings together over 200 traditional masks from various eras & regions in Mexico. The collection illustrates a people’s history that blends real life & myth & emphasizes the continued importance of masks in Mexican culture. While some consider them works of arts & some see them as part of traditional dance costumes, others revere them as religious symbols. However interpreted, these masks serve as inspiration for contemporary art & are a unique feature of Mexican tradition.

Masked: Changing Identities” is on exhibit at
Mexic-Arte Museum from January 25 – May 25, 2013.

Music: KLRU Collective “Austin High Ballet Folklórico” episodes

Youtube Videos Courtesy of:
“Danza de las Malinches. Huaniqueo 2012”
by Eduardo Urtiz Ceja

by miza sanchez

“Danza de los Pescadores”
by Alberto Valenzuela

“Tlacotepec Guerrero”
by Lugo Bahena

“San judas tadeo 2009 islatepec guerrero”
by Jose Camacho

“Los tlacololeros de Petaquillas,Gro.”
by Andrés Euman