Revi Meicler
Revi Meicler explores fashion as a means of self expression and draws on a wide range of influences including fine art, pop culture, and fashion. She is investigating our need to belong, even as our individuality disappears through adherence to mass markets trends. By working with live models to create energetic mixed media works, Revi plays with our society’s obsession with popular culture and fashion.

Erik Haglund
Erik Haglund is inspired by the versatility of metal and creates large architectural metalworks which also functions as a way to get closer to the community and other artists.

Scott Saunders
Scott Saunders believes the way we internalize input from our senses and create a coherent individual reality is a complex and mysterious process. Our ability to know things about the world is limited, and our concept of the world reflects this in generalizations and contradictions. Saunders’ artwork is an exploration of these imperfect living models of reality and of our lives within them.

Ellen Peterson
As a psychologist by day, Ellen Peterson recognizes the profound impact one’s surroundings can have on his or her life. She believes the addition of a stained glass window can change the quality of light, the feel of a room, and one’s view on the world. For all these reasons, she started Take 2 Glassworks, where she strives to provide clients with panels that reflect their lives and their sense of creativity and beauty.

Jan Knox
Painting for over thirty years, Jan Knox started as a landscape painter. Using watercolor only, she now uses all medias depending on the effect she is after with the series of paintings she is working. She has now branched out to include all sides of Mother Nature, such as rocks, animals, plants, and the natural elements of our planet—earth, sky and water.

Brady Foster
Brady Foster’s Metalshop Studio houses full blacksmithing and fabrication shops. Blurring the lines between an industrial metal shop and an artist’s metal shop, he strives to realize any client’s ideas into metal with the finest quality.

Derek Mulch
I find my balance by pairing fine wooden furniture with rough wood strip sculpture. My furniture pieces are well planned, tightly fit, and finished. My sculpture is the opposite. By lacking tightly fit joinery and finish, they evolve as they are built with very little planning. With my sculpture I have embraced what some would consider flaws, and instead of hiding them, I illuminate them with neon light exposing their inner beauty.

Wendy Carnegie
Our studio, El Chavez, explores collaboration. As a means of transferring ideas from one skill set to another, we present our Polaroid show: a personal showcase of collective images that combines our professional skill sets in both photography and design. Polaroid, a disappearing analog medium, forces deliberate editing to a single and special image. The show is a collaborative exercise in narrative, chemistry and idiosyncrasies.

Javier López Cantú
Painting in Austin since 1999, Javier works primarily with gouache on canvas. He also works with acrylic, oil, and pastels as well as photography. Bodies of work include the “Cityscrape” series where the artist offers a color-filled take on often avoided, overlooked and obscured urban settings.

Aaron Micholovic
Aaron Michalovic is a trained timber framer from his home state of Maine. He can build a barn that will last 200 years without using nails or carve a beautiful spoon out of a branch. Watching him work encourages you to do what you love–the right way.

Matt Lankes
Bright Studio is back for its 4th year on the tour. This year’s featured artists are Matt Lankes and Brenna Byerlotzer. Matt is a photographer whose clients include HBO, Time and LIVESTRONG. His work is housed in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in the Smithsonian.

Brenna Byerlotzer

Bright Studio is back for its 4th year on the tour. This year’s featured artists are Matt Lankes and Brenna Byerlotzer. Brenna’s works include everything from ink and pencil drawings to screen printed fabrics which she makes when she’s not serving coffee at Juan Pelota.

Christine Terrell
adaptive reuse creates new lives for lonely and abandoned decorative tins by transforming them into contemporary art jewelry and accessories. Filled with wearable whimsy, each piece is hand crafted and one of a kind.

Phillip Wade
All I ever wanted as a teenager prowling the Metropolitan Museum or as an art student in Philadelphia and the University of Texas was to have all day to paint. So now there are glorious days painting nude models or eggplants or whatever, and then there are the drudgery days of no progress; so be careful what you wish for!

RAD Furniture

Founded in 2010 by Ryan Anderson and other graduates of The University of Texas Master of Architecture program, RAD furniture in East Austin offers customizable, handmade furniture. The company aims to provide customers with reasonably-priced, long-lasting, high-quality pieces made from materials that are sourced from as close to home as possible.

Dave Schwab, Jonathan Braden, Tim Hackbarth, and Bethany Bauman are The Soothsayers, a creative collective of Austinites. Their art runs the gamut—Bauman specializes in print, Hackbarth is an online marketing expert, Braden’s skill set includes project management, digital design, web development and social media marketing strategy and Schwab specializes in illustration, painting, graphic design, animation and branding.

Nathan Sanchez

Nathan Sanchez grew up in El Paso, Texas and began sketching at the age of six, but didn’t put brush to canvas until after high school. Sanchez is inspired by numerous obscure and well-known artists, but is devoted to maintaining a unique style of his own.

Frank Botello
Frank Botello was born in Austin Texas and has lived all over South Texas from Corpus Christi to Round Rock. Inspired by impressionism, expressionism and cubism, Botello creates art that weaves together themes of passion, joy, sadness, love and hate.

Matt Mason

Matt Mason is a visual artist who lives and works in Austin, Texas. Skilled in a variety of media, Mason’s work is a reflection on a life full of travel, keen observation and quiet introspection on the essence of spirit. Mason’s art is guided by what comes out of his sketchbook: a moleskine full of ballpoint illustrations of sentient owls, nine tailed cats, unicorn’s ghosts and skulls.

Jean Rather

Jean Rather studied painting and drawing at American University in Washington, D.C. before going on to assume the role of Painter Member of the Art Commission of the City of New York. Her current body of work aims to pare down to the essentials, to discover just how much information is necessary to communicate and idea in an artwork.