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Why Bother? Engaging Texans in Democracy Today

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Why Bother? Austin after 10-1

KLRU’s ongoing dialogue on civic engagement, Why Bother? takes an in-depth look at how the change to Austin City Council’s governing structure will impact voters. Experts and community members from across the city meet to discuss issues that are most important to them, to try to figure out how 10 separate districts will reconcile their differences once the new council is elected.

Original air date 5/16/2013




Why Bother? Your Legislature, Your Voice

This conversation revolves around the challenges and obstacles (for both the public and lawmakers) with putting an issue in front of the people that need to hear. Do we have a suitable system for public engagement? What could we do better? We hear from elected lawmakers along with folks involved in grassroots lobbying organizations about their experiences. Audience members tell their stories of success and failure. Panelists include Senator Wendy Davis and State Representative Larry Gonzales.

Original air date 2/07/2013


Why Bother? Voices of a New Generation

Community members and leaders join in conversation to discuss the causes of low civic participation among Austin’s young adult population and how groups are working to change that. Taped in front of a studio audience.

Original air date 10/4/2012

A co-production with:
Annette Strauss Institute


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