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Obesity, Weight Loss and Body Acceptance

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Obesity, Weight Loss and Body Acceptance is a conversation about the complex issues and experiences surrounding obesity and weight loss. Experts in the field of weight loss surgery, mental health, wellness and body acceptance discuss the struggles, stigma and prejudices faced by members of the obese community and the many options available to them.

Original air date 03/24/2014


Seema Mathur, Founder, Global Voice Productions and an award-winning health reporter.


Dr. Connie Stapleton, PhD, psychologist and author of Eat it Up! and Thriving! - Triumph after Trauma. Augusta, GA

Joe Nadglowski, President/CEO of Obesity Action Coalition, Tampa, FL

Abby Lentz, Founder, HeavyWeight Yoga, Austin, TX

John Archibeque, MSN, MBA, CBSGL, RN, Bariatric Surgery Program Coordinator, The Bariatric Center at St. David's North Austin Medical Center.

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