Governor's Debate 2010

State Board of Education Candidate Forum

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About the Forum

Candidates from Texas State Board of Education District 5 participate in a community forum sponsored by KLRU-TV and the League of Women Voters Austin Area Education Fund. During this nonpartisan forum, candidates answer questions on areas of SBOE oversight including Texas’ Permanent School Fund, curriculum & testing, textbooks & educational materials, and charter schools. There are two State Board of Education districts that represent Austin and surrounding areas: District 5 and District 10. All the candidates running for both these District positions were invited to this forum. Those candidates who accepted the invitation are Rebecca Bell-Metereau (D) and Mark Loewe (L) for District 5 and Judy Jennings (D) for District 10. Those who choose not to attend this forum are Ken Mercer (R) for District 5 and Marsha Farney (R) and Jessica Dreesen (L) for District 10.

The League’s established rules say there must be at lleast two opposing candidates in order to have a forum, therefore District 10 candidates were not included in this forum.

Moderated by Evan Smith.

Production funding:

Anita S. Privett, Anne Roussos, David Hilgers, Donna Pauler, ExxonMobil Foundation, James P. McIntyre, Jensie Madden, Jo Reichler, Judith Clack, Kay Taebel, Linda M. Doughty, Linda Snow, Margit Orange, Marina Grant, Mark Stafford, Maxine Barkan, Patricia Bennett, Phyllis Portnoy, Richard Neavel, Sara Robertson, Sheila Milner, Steve Friesen, Texas Freedom Network

Original air date 9/28/2010

Education related images (bus, computer, lightbulb, etc.)