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Arts in Context

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Economic Impact of Austin's Creative Sector

Why should we fund arts? Are we doing a good enough job of sustaining the arts culture? And what else can we do to keep the arts in Austin. Moderator Kevin Benz talks with Austin councilwoman Laura Morrison, Dave Sullivan, former Chair of Austin’s Planning commission and Megan Crigger, Manager of the Austin's Cultural Arts Division.

Living and Working as an Artist in Austin

It's not easy to live and work as an artist in Austin. Marcy Hoen, executive director Austin Creative Alliance, Jason Neulander, Producer & Director, Intergalactic Nemesis, and Carolyn Schwarz, Executive Director, the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians talk about the challenges of being an artist, creative placemaking and the importance of non-profits to artistic community

The Future of Arts in Austin

In order to be a community that embraces the arts how can we build the infrastructure that insures a strong arts culture? Meredith Powell Executive Director, Art Alliance Austin, Ron Berry, Artistic Director Fusebox Festival and Brent Hasty, Executive Director, MINDPOP discuss this issue as well as how we can build the infrastructure that insures a strong arts culture and how can we engage the community in supporting the arts.

Leaders and art professionals representing a diverse range of Austin organizations will discuss the state of the arts in Austin. Hear perspectives from groups like Health Alliance for Austin Musicians and The Long Center for the Performing Arts, City of Austin and learn about resources available for artists and plans for the future.

Original air date 8/23/2012

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