Say Goodbye to Between the Lions & Hello to Wild Animal Baby Explorers

Today will be the last day you and your child can watch BETWEEN THE LIONS on KLRU and all PBS stations across the country due to the expiration of its broadcast rights.  PBS KIDS Ready To Learn set a new standard for excellence in educational children’s television by funding the development of award-winning programs such as BETWEEN THE LIONS back in 2000. Now PBS has a set of new literacy series with  Super Why!, World Girl, Word World, and The Electric Company.

Wild Animal Baby Explorers

In its place, KLRU will be airing a new series, WILD ANIMAL BABY EXPLORERS every Monday-Thursday from 12:30-1pm.

Join intrepid adventurers Skip, Izzy, Benita and Sammy, along with their supportive and spirited guide Miss Sally, as they travel by land, sea and air to investigate the wonders of the natural world. Based on the award-winning preschool magazine of the same name, the series helps children ages 2 to 4 learn about animals and their habitats, develop crucial problem-solving skills and nurture their strong, personal connection with wildlife and nature. WILD ANIMAL BABY EXPLORERS reveals the natural world in high-definition detail through 3-D animation and live-action footage. Cameras soar with eagles, touch wind-tossed redwood trees, greet the sun with meerkats, dive deep underwater with dolphins, bellyflop on the ocean ice with penguins, swing on vines with kinkajous and buzz with a hive of bees.