SXSW Flashback 2013

The newest edition of KLRU’s Lone Star Emmy nominated show, SXSW Flashback, premieres this week! We go back to March for a half hour of SXSW highlights, featuring interviews with 50 Cent, Ian Somerhalder, the Captains from Deadliest Catch, Bruce Campbell, Fred Armisen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Aisha Tyler, and more! And, most importantly, (drum roll, please) Grumpy Cat.  Learn about their experiences here in Austin this year, and about their current projects.

This year we have also added a familiar voice to help guide you through the madness.  KUTX Program Director and Afternoon Host, Matt Reilly, lends his pipes as our show’s narrator.

SXSW Flashback 2013 will air on KLRU on Thursday, May 23rd, at 9:00pm.

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You can also watch the broadcast version online on our website.

SXSW Flashback 2012 airs 10/23

The next edition of KLRU’s Lone Star Emmy nominated show, SXSW Flashback, is debuting this month. Like its predecessors, SXSW Flashback 2012 takes viewers back to March for one hour of SXSW excitement, once again featuring a wide variety of interviews ranging from the already-made-its to the up-and-comers of the entertainment world. Highlights for 2012 include Channing Tatum, Willem Dafoe, Kimbra, Matthew McConaughey, Lance Gross, Jack Black, Jonah Hill, and many more, discussing their latest movies and music as well as their experiences here visiting Central Texas and SXSW.

SWSW Flashback will air on KLRU on Tuesday, October 23rd, at 10:30 p.m.