Douglas Drane Charitable Trust Renews Support

The Douglas Drane Charitable Trust has made a $25,000 contribution to KLRU in support of our Strategic Research Plan.  The Plan will provide the market intelligence needed to inform strategic and tactical decisions and measure KLRU’s progress in meeting its vision, mission and goals.

This gift will enable us to perform an annual market tracking study, as well as monthly viewer and member studies.   We will turn an eye toward programming and campaign measurement, Web and social media, and the KLRU Member Advisory Panel.  As a result of this gift, the community data we capture will be representative of Central Texas Households as never before, and we will incorporate this data in a meaningful way into the planning and execution of our ongoing strategy.

We are delighted that the Douglas Drane Charitable Trust will continue partnering with our station to further refine our community identity so that, as we are inspired by Austin, we may better inspire Austin.  Thank you!